Sunday, January 13, 2013 Boca

Surprise, Surprise! I'm blogging again. I'm not sure why, perhaps I read something earlier about it or have this incredible urge to express, but here I am. If you've just joined us, welcome. If you've been here before, welcome back. Regardless, this ride may be over before you know it, so please, pay attention...and as always, no wagering.
Before I become bogged down/distracted with the formatting of this, I'll try to get it out as soon as possible without any editorial modifications. Spelling and punctuation rules will still apply though...
I'm currently at the North Boca location of Starbucks, which has become my preferred destination, even though there is one much closer to my home also known as Mizner Park. It's not that I dislike the store or its employees, it's that the people who usually go there are amazingly irritating. Perhaps it's a case of familiarity breeding contempt or that it's located in a popular shopping area which tends to bring in all types, but I can usually count on at least a few "skate-punks", a few borderline homeless, or the incredibly old, wealthy, and clueless. Regardless, I just pop in my ear-buds and listen to music, while ignoring them all.
I really have no idea if I still have what it takes to blog regularly anymore. I originally started many years ago as it was still new to most people and there was something of a camaraderie among the relatively few of us that did blog. The newspapers and magazines hadn't taken notice yet and there weren't any really big stars yet. Also, the software was fairly archaic as you had to do it from within a web browser pointed to google. Posting pictures was "iffy" at best. The big attraction was being able to "link" to another person's blog or web page. But I did have a relatively loyal following and it made me think that I could actually do this for a living, if not on the web, then in a newspaper column, or even, gasp, a book. I know some people did actually go on to write a book or now have their own incredibly popular website. Sigh...if only. The closest I ever came to achieving anything like that was a local gay newspaper contacted me about reposting my column on a regular basis in their paper. I, unfortunately, did not follow it up and the idea pretty much shriveled up and died, like a lot of things in my life that I've neglected.