Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The End of February

Once again, I'm at Starbucks, this time somewhere south of where I live. Just to change it up. Whatever followers I had are long gone, and even I have lost interest. Yet, every now and then, the urge to "express myself" rears it's ugly head and here we are. So, I'm at Starbucks, and for the last half hour have been sizing up the men who come stand in line, waiting for something coffee-ish. This particular Starbucks skews on the older side as it's in Deerfield. This also means it skews towards the occasional scumbag that stumbles in. Eh, it's something different. John is leaving for Europe soon for two or three weeks, which means I'll be alone for that time. Some years ago, that would have been okay, but these days I've gotten attached to his presence in my life and so it will be difficult without him around. However, I'm planning to visit my parents during that time and we've arranged for Moon to stay with me for a little while, just so I won't be too lonely. Besides, she has a car, so that means we may have to go visit a gay bar or two. My writing career is non-existent, as is my photographic career. Just add them to the pile of discarded interests that clutter up my past. Perhaps I'm just too damn intelligent to settle for one interest very long. I'm currently reading David Leavitt, who reminds me of a gayer, softer version of Augusten Burroughs. And who both remind me of myself. I miss Boston nowadays. I knew I would eventually, although, at the time, it was possible that it would eat me alive. Today, I'd be fine with it. I think I'm in that perpetual state of limbo I often find myself. It's up to me to get out of it or suffer. I've already suffered enough so I guess it's man-up time...

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