Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moving on

I'm at my desk and my beloved cat is sitting on the floor next to me. Sometimes he sits on the bed behind me and reaches over with his paws, which immediately makes me stop what I'm doing and turn around and scratch around his face (which he loves). There was a long time when I went without a pet of any kind since I was a child. Primarily, I was always moving. And not just in the cities nearby. I had to move several states away, which always required some kind of embarrassing, load up the car and strap the piano on the roof kind of thing. Ma and Pa Kettle would have been proud.

Which gets me thinking again about our move. I'm besides myself with excitement, not only for the luxurious and certainly satisfying apartment we're moving to, but also the opportunity to scrape my slate clean again. Some people go their entire life and only make one or two changes in their life. I've been stirring things up since I graduated from high school. I think I'm done, because I don't think I have the willpower anymore. As "Jax" said from "Absolutely Fabulous": "Patsy...I'm tired." Maybe it's maturity, but I'm done moving around. I'm hoping we stay here for a while, but knowing how the other half thinks, we may be moving sooner than I'd like, but in the meantime, let's enjoy.

I think it's time now, because it might be too late ever again, to really make an effort at becoming published or working within the industry. I hope it's not just working at the library, though.

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