Sunday, January 24, 2010

Almost There

We spent the afternoon yesterday in a coffee shop not far from where we will be living. I thought it felt more like a restaurant than a coffee shop and wasn't so thrilled. Starbucks still beats it. Afterwards, we joined Glen and Alan for dinner at J.Alexanders which, of course, was delicious. It was nice being out and everything and I'm hoping we can do this more often. I'm looking forward to finding a routine for me: either going over to Starbucks or to the library. If I can pick up a bike cheaply, I may add going to the beach to my daily routine.
I've been thinking about playing golf...well, remembering when I played golf. I've been remembering the various venues I've played at and especially how I felt somewhere on the back 9, far away from the clubhouse. Usually, it was very quiet and remote feeling. I felt relaxed and content and was enjoying my company. I didn't like playing alone, as I played too fast and was always coming up on golfers ahead of me. I always felt like I was intruding on their time as I would when people used to play through on me. Because I quit right when things were crazy with my brain, it's almost as if it's been tainted or forbidden to play. When in fact, it's just something I haven't done in a while. Who knows if I'll play again when we move to Boca. Perhaps if I find a driving range or course nearby that doesn't charge an arm and a leg...
I've thought of going back to school to focus on my writing when we move. With John and David there all the time, it would be pretty easy to get around. I guess I need to ask myself if this is really my passion still. Do I still feel that writing a book is my dream?

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