Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Another Day in SoFla/WilMa

It's Friday and I'm waiting for you-know-who to come home so we can get something to eat and then get a movie. Friday's have always been a great love of mine and since I don't drink anymore, I've had to think of something else to do. But oh, the glorious times in cool, smoky bars, seeing the sun go down outside the window and before I got drunk, the wonderful "glow" that made everything all right. Everyone was my friend, I was gorgeous, popular and all was right with the world. To be honest, I miss those times a lot and will probably always will. To be even more honest, if it wasn't for you-know-who, I'd be drunk by now and every Friday, and eventually turn into my mother, who drinks every day after 5:00 and stops by dinner-time. It only seems like a lot, but you'll never see her drunk or sloppy. Unlike me, who from time to time, got a little too happy.
My god, am I still writing in this thing? Ok..what did I do today? Let's see. I started the day at Courtyard Cafe for some lunch/late breakfast and then off to the library. I was going to stay there for the afternoon, surfing the web, but it was just too creepy in there with the undead, so I went over to JavaBoys where there  is usually some life. The usual mix was there, especially that pretty boy who I've seen there forever. I think he's like buddy-buddy with the owners and I think he's a realtor or something. I've never really seen him with anybody, but I'd guess he likes the older men because he's never given me two looks. I flirted chatted with the barista there today. Very cute bearded guy, very skinny, and always friendly. I don't think he's a rocket scientist but he's always nice to me and smiles a lot. I'm still not really writing, unless you count this thing. Some day, some day. I will be sitting in my sunny, bright office somewhere beautiful, writing in the morning and early afternoon. The rest of the day will be mine with either swimming, shopping/library or with John if he's home. Ahhh...such a nice thought.

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