Saturday, September 26, 2009

Short & Sweet

Hmmm...sounds like the tricks I used to boink.....rrrrrrimshot!

Currently listening to the very cool "Genius Mixes" on iTunes. Say what you want about the service, this is pretty damn cool. It's a great way of giving back. But I digress...
Went to Brew/Victoria Park today while John studied. The usual five/six people were there. It's an excellent place to get some things done if you're so inclined. Actually, I've seen a couple of people studying, although I don't think I've seen any Great American Novels being written. One or two semi-cuties were there. Afterwards, I went to the grocery store to get a few things. I picked up some cereal but didn't really think it through. It turns out this delicious cocoa puff/peanut butter crunch combo was verboten in the house of Zalmond. Too much sugar. Crap...that was gonna taste sooo good with some cold milk. Maybe Mikey can eat it...
Currently drinking Diet Coke with Lime (surprsingly good!) and nibbling on BBQ corn chips. John's latest infatuation is KimChee (spelling?). Some vile Korean concoction made from fermenting something for years in a vat. God, no wonder he's always in the toilet...

Yes, we eat some strange things around here...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday, Twosday, Toosday, Tewesday

John and I went to an attorney's office today to discuss the possibilities/ramifications of declaring bankruptcy. John seems to feel that it's the logical solution to the money problems we're having (and the rest of the country). It feels like we just need a chance to catch our breath and get out from under. I tend to agree. From what he's told me, this isn't like bankruptcy of old. There is no debtor's prison or anything like that. You keep everything and take a relatively minor hit on your credit report which will eventually be wiped clean. He said the fun part is right before you declare, to go out and buy some fun things (I'm thinking some Apple swag..maybe an iTouch?) or maybe we'll go on a little vacation. I'd still like to have the cats go out and get a job, those little lazybones. Laying around all day, doing nothing.
I went to Java Boys, the old standby, today. They do almost everything right there so it's hard to compare them to anyone else. Once again, I'm thinking about making this blog a repository for some of my creative writing projects. Kind of like what I did not too long ago with my short stories. I don't know if I'll have a creative streak like that again, but if I do, I'll be ready. And so, I guess that's it for now.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Today I'm Mobile

Went and did the bloodwork thing earlier today, stopped at Boston Market and then went by a few places looking for an afternoon of internet-ty good times. Finally settled on Brew/Victoria Park, currently #2 in my top 4 internet-cafe hangouts. Of course, I'm always somewhat curious about the other people I see at these places. Are they working at night? Is today their day off? Are they independently wealthy? Right now there is at least one smokin' hot little bad boy with the baseball hat backwards, baggy shorts and great legs. He's close enough that I can glance over every now and then without looking too stalkerish. He probably works at night as a waiter somewhere. Or he's an entrepreneur with three times the money I could ever imagine. You just don't know anymore. ** I was right. He drives a Lexus.
Just got a touch of attitude by the barista/counterperson here. I was only asking for a cup of ice water and I had already purchased something earlier...Oh well, if I had to stand around here all day, I'd be a little snappy too. Gee, and I was hoping he was one of the friendly ones...
Some neighborhood mom just walked in with an enormous rack. Good makeup on the face but I'm betting the funbags aren't real.
So, where is this blog going? I'm barely writing in it anymore and everytime I say I'm going to, I don't. Perhaps I should soldier through and get to a point where I'm writing regularly, at least if I plan to have that writing career I keep dreaming of.
Mama Funbags is at the counter now. Wow, they really are immense. I'm betting she gets whatever she wants wherever she goes... Kinda like a cute guy with a big dick at a Key West guesthouse.
Ok, today is Monday. Let's see if I can write something in this journal every day for a week. Ready, set, ... go!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Something simple on Friday

In three days I will be 48 years old. I could write about regrets, but I'm not. I could write about how my body is beginning to betray me, but I'm not. I could write about days filled with boredom and inactivity, but I'm not. Instead, I will write about the love that I received and continue to receive on a daily basis. Of the health and happiness that I continue to enjoy. And most importantly, of the opportunities that still await me.