Sunday, June 21, 2009

Still in the Crap

So, we went to the Pride parade. (Is Pride supposed to be capitalized? Like The Vatican? or WingLoon Chinese?) Saw lots of nice floats, nice looking people and had a good time. However, I have nothing to write about or say. Either it didn't thrill me or I'm still so worked up about my publishing woes, I can't even think straight. I did get a handful of cheap, tacky trinkets thrown to me from the drag queens and stripper boys. By the way, where else would skanky little, cheap hustlers become almost celebrities in this gay world? The one float that stood out to me and I'm sure for others, was the "Wizard of Oz" float. Just your typical characters on a decorated platform with a drag queen Dorothy walking along, swinging her basket. That sentence alone says it all. It was held later in the day, so the heat wasn't so oppressive and afterward we had a nice dinner at the Thai restaurant which was right there in the center of it all. I'll bet they were licking their chops in anticipation for the bump in business. So, all in all, it was pretty good.
So, my little misunderstanding with the newspaper is over and done with and I'm just going to move on. The idea of writing for a newspaper is kind of cool, but I think I might view it more as a job...with money. I think it's time to practice a bit more, either with this blog or some of the other writing sites I subscribe to.
>> Someone here at the coffee shop has one of those wicked cute little Acer netbooks. Now that my trusty iBook has finally bit the dust (I believe), I think one of these babies just might be the ticket for me....<<
So anyway, my writing career is over before it even started. Which, given the odd way my life has gone up to now, does not surprise me. But I will not be deterred. There are still plenty of places online in which to practice my art. Perhaps someday, I'll get another opportunity to work in that publishing environment, which I think I would like very much.

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