Monday, June 8, 2009

Musings on Monday

Geez! Where is everybody? I guess people don't troll blogsites like the good ol' days. I don't either so there ya go... I'm wondering how long blogging will continue. With the advent of Twitter, I think a lot of people who didn't really post a lot are going to be fans. It's the old guard (kinda like me), and Darin and Terry and Michael and scores more that I've forgotten their faces by now. Oh yeah. Heather Armstrong aka "Dooced" I notice she's got the book out now...ya know, that was my idea a long time ago...I just didn't have the traffic she did. But good for her. I'm not bitter. No, really, I'm not.
Again, it's a Monday and I'm currently at the Wilton Manors library after being at the Spanish River library earlier. I wonder what it is about libraries and me? Oh yeah...I like reading and writing and everything that goes with it. And they're nice and quiet. And the free internet is cool. And the Spanish River has a nice sized snack bar... If JavaBoys ever started dealing in books, I think I'd be in heaven. I wonder if that's a feasible revenue stream. Selling books and magazines. It could be like a Borders' "Light". Hmm....the more I think of it, the better the idea gets. I think they would have to expand a little, but it appears they're boxed in right now. Although they could take over some of that club next store. All they've got up front is some bar up front that I don't think is ever very busy. Or the eyewear shop to the right, but I don't think they're moving. They must be doing well. Some might say, "People are gonna dog-ear your books and spill coffee on them." Well, it doesn't seem to hurt Borders or Walden Books. I think they could start small by selling newspapers and magazines and then increase gradually to include some best-sellers as well as featured writers from the area. They could get that hot Dan Renzi to come over and, oh hell, whatever he wants!
So, today my books are: Hitting Hard by Michelangelo Signorile and The Kindness of Strangers: The Life of Tennessee Williams by Donald Spoto. I wonder if I'll actually read them both...

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