Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From here, you look great

It's the middle of the afternoon and I'm sitting at the downtown library, waiting for John to pick me up. He's picking up some sandwiches and will be here soon. I've been looking online at notebook computers and am strangely ok with a non-Apple product. I think at this time in the now tired war off Apple vs. The World, it's all about value and for me, that cool factor that Apple used to own. Netbooks, those diminutive PC appliances, are really all the rage, and I'm ready for one now. I've seen quite a few already and have my favorites. "But Jeff!" you say. "What about your love for all things Apple? The design, quality, apps?" I say, balderdash. These little babies have that "wow" factor that Apple used to have. Apple had a good chance at this market with the iTouch/iPhone but didn't grab people the same way that netbooks have. I think that Apple should have taken the iPod platform and perhaps made a teeny-tiny mac that it looks like Sony has already done for the PC. For a company that was famous for predicting and then capitalizing on trends in the PC world, this was a misstep. They focused too much on the iTouch, while a good product, is not really a computer/browser. I don't think people were really ready for a stand-alone device that does all the neat things that the iTouch does but doesn't really push the browser part. People were not ready for it. I think they were ready for a tiny PC. And anything Apple does now is going to look a little "me too". So what I think they should do is go ahead and make an awesome mini computer that blows the world away and then get back to polishing up what they've already accomplished. The iPhone was great, the iPod was great...perhaps they are still working on something, who knows? Here's how it plays with me. Currently, I am looking at computers again because the iBook is on its last legs. I would love a small, compact, yet usable computer. I've seen the netbooks and they are pretty damn good. Now, if I can just get old Grumpy to take me to the store so I can get my hands on one, that would be sweet.

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