Saturday, May 16, 2009

Step This Way Please

Here's a little rundown on what to expect from the new and improved, "Here's one..." It will, of course, contain the little nuggets of goodness you've come to expect as well as some new writing. I'm planning to use this as a platform for all of the writing I do. So instead of filing them away in some folder, I'll place them here where I can begin to accumulate something resembling a body of work. Right now, I'm in a "writing-centric" frame of mind, so there might be a good amount coming. That, and the encouragement (verbal beating) from hubby might get this going to something that even a mother could be proud of. And yes, she who rules from afar, will be invited to peruse. Right now, there's a little file folder on my desk containing stuff I've already done recently, so if you're real good, I might be posting these. Who am I kidding? I'm gonna post 'em whether you like it or not...

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