Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Stunning Observations

I was just in the Blogger "Dashboard" and realized I had two blogs floating around. Remember "Cabana Boy"? That's ok, neither do I. I think I was being cute that day when it came time to name the blog. Maybe one day I'll go back and see if there are any posts worth salvaging and bring over to "Here's one..." Or I'll use one blog to blog and the other would showcase my writing. So, let's see...This laptop is officially broken, even though I can still use it, the hinge is toast. Maybe some superglue might fix things. Otherwise, it's off to the Apple store, not that I can afford it. John doesn't seem to get that I need my laptop. I would really love to get a netbook. However, I was just checking out the iTouch on Apple's site. That might be all I need. I'll get that and maybe ask the folks for a scooter for Christmas or my birthday.
Today Mikey graduated from nursery school and we attended the graduation ceremony. Cute doesn't even begin to describe those kids. It was a pretty nice program with film clips, pictures, songs and cookies! Little Julia was there as well as Granma, so the whole family was represented. So I guess the next step is kindergarten? I thought this was kindergarten but apparently not. Silly me. In my day, we hung around the house annoying our mothers until we were six and ready for first grade. Parents these days...such wuss's. It's a Tuesday afternoon, I'm getting a little hungry (forgot lunch dammit!) but I'm still not drinking Coke, so that's good.
I have to be honest. I really do enjoy blogging. I enjoy the writing. I like it even better than those stories I wrote a few days ago. It just fits, well at least for me.
Well, I've had my iced tea here at Java Boys and now I'm getting a little hungry, so I think I'll mosey on home.

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