Saturday, May 23, 2009

Java Boys Saturday

It's Saturday and guess where I am? That's right, at JavaBoys with my broken computer, which technically still works even if the screen is a little loose. I think a nice bead of cement along the bottom should take care of it, along with some binder clamps to keep it all tight. I would really like one of those netbooks but I don't see it happening anytime soon. Maybe I am a little spoiled. Or terribly deprived.

I'm drinking my coffee with some Equal in it. Still not eating sugar. Some cute guys have wandered in on this overcast Saturday. Much better than the usual cemetery club members that haunt this place during the week. There is one guy here who's not much to look at in the face, but his body is smoking. He doesn't look too smart either. That reminds me when Hollis used to kid me about how I looked. Kinda dumb, but a smokin' bod. Oh well, those days have long passed. It's suddenly beginning to get a little more crowded here. Lunch is over and now here they come.

More than once, I've seen and heard people conduct business here. Usually some kind of web site stuff. It reminds me of years ago when John used to design websites. All those "very important" meetings about site content, blah, blah. Everybody had to have a web site. At it's most simplest, it's nothing more than a digital billboard on the information highway. In hindsight, I would have invested that money on incentives for employees or more traditional print media. I wonder how many of those sites are still up...
I can still remember those days, even though now I feel some remorse and loss. All that promise and excitement. Gone now. Just more painful memories for me to avoid. Ok...that's enough or they're going to be pointing at the "crying boy" in JavaBoys.

Oh great. Now I've made myself depressed. Nice job sherlock. Well, I might as well say it: The one thing that upsets me the most is that the one person who I have always trusted and counted on the most is, in my mind, betraying me. He doesn't seem to care for my feelings, as crazy or irrational as they may seem. And so I now am feeling abandoned. It's like he has finally gotten fed up.

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